Bill Boersma

Bill BoersmaBill Boersma
Insurance Subject Matter Expert (Life-Long Term Care-Disability)
OC Consulting Group

Bill Boersma is an industry leader in the world of personal, family and business insurance.  He has over a two decades of experience in the insurance industry.  Bill believes in putting everyone else before himself. He has the “whatever it takes” attitude when it comes to serving clients.  His passion for analyzing a client’s need, and finding the client the best product to meet that need, is over shadowed by his first objective, what he can do for the client to make their lives better.  When Bill isn’t out saving the world from every risk imaginable, he is playing golf, playing football with his boys, dressing up with his daughter and helping raise money for local charitable organizations.

For every client, Bill does the following:

  • Reviews every possible insurance available and recommends:
    • Whether you should have it
    • The amount you should have
    • The type you should purchase
  • At least once a year, a comprehensive assessment is completed to determine actions that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of any risks derailing your plans
  • At least once a year, a comprehensive cost evaluation is completed to confirm that the fees you are paying for your insurance are still appropriate