Woody VandenBosch

Woody VandenBoschWoody VandenBosch
Legal Subject Matter Expert
Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC

Woody VandenBosch has practiced law for over a 30 years and works with a Team of attorneys with hundreds of years of combined experience providing legal and estate planning advice. Woody’s team has created thousands of estate plans with a clear focus on providing guidance and assistance with estate planning and wealth transfer considerations utilizing wills, trusts, powers of attorney, gifting plans, charitable distributions and similar transfers. When Woody isn’t saving the day for his clients, he enjoys spending his time with his wife and children, as well as volunteering in several civic groups including the Ferris Foundation, Barnabas Foundation and Holland Home, where he currently serves as vice chairman of the board.

For every client, Woody does the following:

  • Ensures that your estate plan:
    • Is in alignment with your wishes
    • Is reviewed by you annually
    • Has been thoroughly reviewed , at least every three years
  • Within four months of any significant change in relevant tax laws, or circumstances within the your estate, your plan will be reviewed for changes that need to be made to make it current