Ideal Trusted Advisor

The Trusted Advisors we serve the best have the following qualities:

 THEY ARE DELEGATORS: Our community of Trusted Advisors are independent Registered Investment Advisors, who have decided that they no longer want to be the first chair money manager, but wants to act as the orchestra conductor for their client’s success.

 THEY ENJOY SIMPLICITY: These Trusted Advisors enjoy the simplicity, freedom, and peace of mind that comes from having all of their back office support accomplished by a Team of Experts. The Trusted Advisors don’t want to manage the Generals of the Team; instead, they enjoy facilitating their client’s goal accomplishment.

 THEY VALUE BEING DONE™: Our Trusted Advisors have the goal of Being Done™. They recognize that the accomplishment of this goal will take their business and their lives to the next level. As a show of commitment, they already have at least six ideal clients, and are making the effort to add the necessary clients at a rate that will allow them to achieve their personal and financial goals.

 THEY FOCUS ON WHAT’S IMPORTANT: Our community of Trusted Advisors really wants to embed themselves in their client’s lives so that the client is focused on the things that bring them the greatest amount of satisfaction. These advisors utilize the freedom of time and resources, garnered from employing our services, by focusing on the things that bring them the greatest sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

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