The Process

Three meeting process

Our Ten Client Deliverables™  are supported by the 143 items on our proprietary annual planning checklist.

These 143 checklist items represent our tangible and specific definition
of comprehensive financial services.

We were the first firm in the financial services industry to define the term
“comprehensive financial services” in a specific and measurable way.

The Ten Client Deliverables™

 What do we do for you?  Our team will provide you the “10 Deliverables” allowing you to focus on things that are more important to you than money.

1.  The Master Goal Tracker™ Updated Annually.  Each year a complete and thorough annual update of your comprehensive written lifetime financial strategy is updated to actualize your clients’ goals on The Master Goal Tracker™.

2.  Greatest Probability Strategy™ (Your “GPS”).  Each time we meet, a straightforward, chronological list of simple action steps is provided to implement your clients’ financial plan which will create the greatest probability that you will stay on track in order to accomplish your long term goals.

3.  Progress Reports.  Every four months we will give you a simple, one-page summary of your assets under our management.  This report is designed to show your clients’ progress benchmarked against their financial goals.

4.  Money Management.  Our team will ascertain and analyze how your clients’ assets are allocated, and give you advice on how to best position them to create the highest likelihood of achieving theri goals.  We will help provide the “big picture” about your clients’ financial situation with a strategy going forward.

5.  Income Tax Planning.  During the last two months of each year, our team will work with your clients’ existing tax firm to create and fully review a written income tax projection for the current calendar year to identify tax planning opportunities.

6.  Income Tax Preparation.  Our team will work with your clients’ existing tax firm to review their basic state and federal income tax returns and file your taxes before the deadline.

7.  Estate Planning.  Our team will review your clients’ estate plan annually, with a significant, highly focused, review every five years.  We will work with your clients’ Estate Planning attorney to implement any changes necessary. The two objectives are to establish a plan for their money to make it to the next generation and beyond according to their wishes and, secondly, to create a structure that will bring your clients’ heirs closer together, avoiding conflicts about the money after their demise.

8.  The Goal Blueprint™.  We create a Strategic and Tactical Plan for every client goal, to include specific accumulation and withdrawals requirements. Following this plan will give the client the greatest probability of achieving their goals.  It’s the accomplishment of the client’s goals that is the evidence that they’ve made smart choices about their money so they can experience what’s most important to them.

9.  Cash & Debt Management.  Our team will estimate the cash reserves you need and how to establish and maintain those required cash reserves.  We will also give specific advice on how to reduce and/or eliminate your clients’ debts according to a timeline that makes sense.

10. Financial Plan Safety.  Our team will assess any threats we see to your clients’ plan, and will consider strategies that should increase the overall safety of their plan.  In addition, we will evaluate your clients’ insurance needs, and recommend the right kinds of amounts of insurance they should have.

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