Building Your Ideal Business

The journey to Trusted Advisor is intended to take you to a place we call Your Ideal Business. Your Ideal Business is a term coined to describe that point in time when you, a Trusted Advisor, can say:

“I am done! I have _____# of loyal clients who happily pay me $_____ of predictable minimum annual recurring revenue (PMARR) to be their Trusted Advisor. They all have written plans, and they all follow my advice. My phone hardly rings regardless of what’s happening in the market. I don’t prospect anymore, I just serve my Clients.”

There are other ways to view Your Ideal Business. Your Ideal Business means having an Ideal Client Community where your cash flow is predictable and substantial enough so that you can live a self-actualized life.

Imagine a place in your future completely void of money worries. No more prospecting. You just experience the joy of serving your Clients, helping them achieve their goals. Your revenue consistently flows from your community of Ideal Clients.

Your Ideal Business means you have a business that is a pleasure for you to own and operate and, therefore, attractive to a qualified buyer. When you decide the time is right, you exit with a big check.

To determine if you might be someone that would fit with our system and process, click here or on the Ideal Trusted Advisor tab at the top of the page.