Jeremy Fletcher

Jeremy Fletcher
Jeremy Fletcher
Money Management Subject Matter Expert
Asset Dedication, LLC

Jeremy Fletcher is the Director of Investments and Portfolio Risk Management at Asset Dedication, LLC.  He brings over 21 years of investing experience to the Team. He became a CFA charter holder in 2000.  There is little he doesn’t know when it comes to growing a client’s assets and protecting it when funds are needed to achieve their goals.  When we occasionally let Jeremy out of the dungeon to see sunlight, he enjoys cycling, hang gliding, and short stints with crocodile wrestling.

For every client:

  • We create a personalized portfolio that is designed around what your goals are, their timeframe, and inline with your risk tolerance.
  • We meet together often to review your investments to make sure that they are working best for you
  • We ensure that your asset allocation changes as you approach the target dates of your goals so that there is little risk of not having the money you need to accomplish your goals